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Miyuki Bierlein, Alpha Dog and Boxer

miyuki profile

Miyuki joined the original FE team part-time in 2010 and stepped up to the role of Alpha Dog in June 2014. Surrounded by animals of all kinds as a child, Miyuki is grateful to reconnect with her love for furry friends, especially dogs, after her paws-deprived stint at UC Berkeley. When not surrounded by dogs, she enjoys dancing, making costumes (for the stage and for herself!), and karaoke.



Kate Salisbury, Lieutenant of Walk Time and Bull Terrier

Kate considers herself a best friend to all animals. Ever since she was young, she could never pass up on helping one in need. She was That Kid who brought home dogs, cats, and birds (thanks for being so patient, Mom!), and later volunteered at a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and release program. Kate is currently pursuing her studies in veterinary rehab and therapy, as well as nannying (for human and fur babies alike!). She joined the FE team in June 2014 and looks forward to each tail wag and purr.


Catherine Kung, Co-Founder and Border Collie || Anna Smith, Co-Founder and Basenji 

Catherine and Anna founded FE in January 2009 with a mission to serve pets and pet lovers of the East Bay with compassion, dedication, and integrity. Connection and communication took priority over profit, a core principle that the company is still proud to uphold everyday. Anna stepped down in 2011 to develop a career in publishing, and Catherine in 2014 to work on diversity and inclusion in tech. Both are incredibly grateful to the FE family for the amazing adventure.